Blowing my own horn........

I have been photographing all my life and have build up an amazing body of work. Lot's of repeat business and fantastic working relationships with clients and subjects. It been amazing telling the stories of so many people, who they are and what they do. I have seen things few people get to experience. It's all been done with a camera or two by my side. I have always kept gear and philosophy to a minimum to let subjects "speak" for themselves. It's their story I try communicate. Storytelling, for me, encapsulates everything I do. I tell the stories of the four p's : people, passion, places and process. Wherever the job takes me, I go exploring. Give me an address and I'll be there. No preconceived ideas of that I'm getting into, to keep my mind fresh, to see things how they are and to shoot what is in front of me, not what I should think is in front of me.

Check out some of my awesome work, I can say that, as it is my website;-), in the menu.