About me

Fascinated by what we all do


Born in Denmark, lived in NYC for 10 years and has now called London home for 15 years. Shoots for design agencies, editorials, corporations and worldwide brands. Keeping it real and uncomplicated. Loves being a photographer and where the job takes me. 

Fascinated by people and places, and their stories.

My photographic philosophy is to keep things simple, which focuses one's mind on what is important, both for equipment and technique.

I love shooting in available light, not only is it beautiful but also natural. I always try to keep it real, reportage style. I work with the challenges of each situation to showcase people in their own environment.

I'm rarely in the same place two days in a row and never know what situation I will find myself in. I don't pre-plan shots before showing up on location, as my mind wouldn't be open to possiblities. I always get enjoyment out of thinking on my feet.