Everyone has a story to tell. My job is to bring it to life.

I’m one lucky guy. I get to do what I love to do every day. I pick up a camera. It’s the only job I have ever done and the only job I can ever do. Is there anything better than clicking that shutter and thinking ‘I’ve caught that moment’?

I love having the freedom to observe and document what’s out there. Enjoying new experiences and connecting with amazing people makes my day. And of course coffee. Can’t forget the coffee.

It’s important that my images feel natural and authentic. I like to keep things simple and real.

I’ve worked with great clients over the years, many of them for a seriously long time, and taken lots of images that tell a hell of a lot of stories.

Check them out!


New Stuff

The ‘greatest’ of the latest!


On The Move

Bring it on! Airports, planes, hotels, trains, cars, walking and plenty of coffee. Give me an assignment, hand me an address and I’ll be there!

Every journey is an adventure.


On Assignment

New day, new location! Coffee to kick off.

My philosophy is to travel light. Less gear = More access = better work. If I can’t carry it, it’s not coming!




Bruce Springsteen (guru, lifecoach, workhorse), Joe Purdy (storytelling), John Mellencamp (keeping it real)

Spotify playlists

Back Porch (the open road studio), Chillin’ On A Dirt Road (closet redneck), Late Night Jazz (burning the midnight oil)


Saul Leiter (“It is not where it is or what it is that matters but how you see it”), William Albert Allard (“You've got to start looking for pictures nobody else could take”), Sebastião Salgado (“…my way of photographing is my way of life. I photograph from my experience, my way of seeing things…”)

Did I mention?

Coffee! Black! Lots!